What Insurance Coverage Do Drivers Need in Iowa City?

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One of the reasons that car insurance exists is that the civil courts have allowed laws against negligent drivers for compensation.

Iowa City, IA – Drivers in each state will need some kind of insurance coverage to operate their cars on the government’s roads legally. This is mostly done to protect the public from driver’s errors or mistakes while on the road. If a driver causes damage or injuries, it is likely that they will be sued and their insurance company will have to pay out a settlement to cover the losses after the accident. People who have been involved in an accident in the Iowa City area should contact their attorney for information about the insurance claim process and lawsuits.

Insurance laws for Iowa City drivers

Iowa state law applies to all drivers in Iowa City and other cities. Local law does not change auto insurance requirements.

In Iowa all drivers need liability coverage to pay for any damage or injuries that they cause. This includes at least $20,000 worth of bodily injury or death coverage for one person per accident, at least $40,000 worth of coverage for car accidents where two or more people are hurt or killed, and at least $15,000 in coverage for property damage. Commercial insurance providers in the state will all have at least these minimum requirements built into the policies that they sell.

Lawsuits against negligent drivers

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One of the reasons that car insurance exists is that the civil courts have allowed laws against negligent drivers for compensation. This means that the driver who caused the damage will have to pay for it if they are found to be at fault. Realistically, drivers may not be able to cover thousands of dollars worth of damage out of their own money, so the insurance company will pay out these losses for those who have been paying into their coverage. This system helps ensure that property owners and victims will not be stuck fronting the costs of damage caused by bad drivers.

This means that people who have been affected by a negligent driver should get legal help. A civil injury case is usually the only way to get a settlement that will cover medical treatment, lost wages, and other kinds of damages. The victim may also receive compensation for non-economic losses related to their trauma and physical pain. In cases involving reckless or malicious behavior, there may be punitive damages awarded against the defendant.

More information about filing a lawsuit

There are attorneys who help people after all kinds of accidents in the Iowa City area. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that is available to provide guidance during the course of a lawsuit.

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